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        Memorandum of Insurance

        Eaton Domestic and International Property/Casualty Programs

        Property and Casualty certificates provide evidence of coverage to customers, lessors, or other business partners for:

        • Auto liability
        • General/product liability
        • Workers' compensation/employer's liability
        • Property

        Eaton uses an MOI in lieu of a certificate. The MOI shows the same insurance policy information as found on a Certificate of Insurance and also confirms that the insurance policies listed will respond to your appointment as an additional insured or other contractual obligations if agreed to by Eaton in a contract.

        The MOI can be accessed and printed through the applicable Marsh MOI websites listed below.  Choose “View the MOI” and accept the terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

        For U.S. customers: Click Here

        For Canadian customers: Click Here

        For all other international customers: Click Here